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Created on 28th July, 2019

Thank you for your interest in Kawaii Table Flip! My name is Matt Roberts, and I created this game - I hope that you enjoy it!

It is very important to be protective of your personal information, and to be aware of how it is being shared or collected. This Privacy Policy applies whenever you play Kawaii Table Flip, or whenever you contact me via email as described below.

What information do I collect?

Third parties

Although I (Matt Roberts) do not collect any data myself through my game, Kawaii Table Flip, please note the following:

Google's own Privacy Policy can be found here

Apple's own Privacy Policy can be found here


If you choose to contact me via email (, I may use your own email address to thank you for your comment and/or reply to your question and I may store your communication and my reply for any future correspondence/reference. I will never use your email address to send you any unsolicited messages, or share or sell your information to anyone else.

Children's Privacy Policy

My game, Kawaii Table Flip, is intended for all ages. As previously noted, I do not collect any information through either Kawaii Table Flip or my website ( With that in mind, please note the following:

For children - Your safety is very important! In general, please involve your parents in all your online activities, so that they can help you to have the best, safest experience. If you wish to contact me about Kawaii Table Flip, please ask permission of your parents first!

For parents - As previously noted in the "Communications" section above, I may reply to any emails I receive, and may store any communication for future reference. If you have any further questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Although I have intended for this Privacy Policy to be complete at the time of creating it, I reserve the right to update it if necessary. As such, please note that you can view the most up to date version at any time on this link (, and so you can check back any time you wish.

Any revisions to this Privacy Policy will be noted at the top with an "Updated on" date to be placed below the line "Created on 28th July, 2019", if and when required.

Contact me

If you wish to contact me via email, regarding this Privacy Policy or anything else, please use the following address:

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